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[24 Mar 2014]
Baldry raises compensation question during HS2 statement

Sir Tony Baldry (Banbury) (Con): My right hon. Friend will clearly come to the House in due course with a statement on compensation. Will he give an undertaking that during the proceedings on the hybrid Bill he and ministerial colleagues in the Treasury will be willing to listen to suggestions on how the compensation scheme can be further refined, improved and targeted?

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[16 Dec 2013]
Baldry writes to Secretary of State regarding Cabinet Office report into HS2

Following reports in national newspapers over the weekend regarding a Cabinet Office report on the HS2 Rail Link, North Oxfordshire MP Sir Tony Baldry has written to the Secretary of State for Transport asking for clarification about the report.

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[27 Nov 2013]
Baldry comments on HS2 Hybrid Bill

For different reasons, all three main political parties have got themselves onto a hook with HS2.

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[13 Sep 2013]
Sir Tony receives letter regarding HS2 Property Compensation Consultation

Sir Tony has received a letter from Ministers in the Department for Transport which sets out details of how people can go about responding to the current consultation on HS2 property compensation.

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[15 Jul 2013]
Sir Tony writes letter to Minister regarding HS2

Following a meeting he had in Banbury last week, Sir Tony Baldry has written an extensive letter to Ministers in the Department for Transport regarding HS2.

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[20 Jun 2013]
North Oxfordshire MP sponsors Property Blight Compensation Bill

Sir Tony Baldry is co-sponsoring a Private Member’s Bill being introduced by Caroline Spelman, Andrea Leadsom, Cheryl Gillan and others to require the Secretary of State for Transport to amend legislation to improve the system of compensation for property blight caused by major national infrastructure projects and for connected purposes.

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[8 May 2013]
Sir Tony speaks out about HS2 during debate on the Queen’s Speech

Sir Tony Baldry (Banbury) (Con): I may have got this wrong, but it is my understanding that the Government are introducing two Bills—a paving Bill and a traditional hybrid Bill. Is that my right hon. Friend’s understanding? We will all have to look very closely at the small print of the paving Bill because within it, I think, will be the statutory authority to provide compensation for our constituents who may be affected. So without the paving Bill, our constituents, who may be affected by HS2 for a number of years, will not be able to receive compensation.

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[16 Nov 2012]

North Oxfordshire MP, Sir Tony Baldry, has received the following letter from the Minister of State, the Rt Hon Simon Burns MP regarding the HS2 compensation package: Simon Burns re HS2 compensation 151112.

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[29 Oct 2012]
Sir Tony Baldry receives letter from Minister of State regarding HS2 compensation package

North Oxfordshire MP Sir Tony Baldry has received a letter from Minister of State, Rt Hon Simon Burns MP regarding the recently opened Property and Compensation consultation which sets out a “generous compensation package” and which the Government is asking all those affected by the proposed HS2 route to respond to.

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[27 Feb 2012]
The Oxford Times: Villagers urged to unite for HS2 meeting

Villagers will hold a public meeting to launch an opposition campaign over controversial Government plans for a high-speed Rail scheme on their doorstep.