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Charitable grants for churches

The Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2013 explain when the Church Buildings Council may or must be consulted over proposed works that are subject to faculty. This guidance note explains how the Rules are used in practice. It replaces guidance previously issued in September 2010 that predated the 2013 Rules.

It is most often at an early stage that advice from the Church Buildings Council, along with that of the Statutory Consultees, can have the greatest impact.

Early referral can also save the potential for frustration caused if advice is received after considerable time and expense has gone into working up detailed proposals. Referrals should always be with the knowledge of the DAC (and will usually be from the DAC Secretary).

Early advice by English Heritage and the amenity societies is dealt with by Rule 3.4 and schedule 1 of the Rules. However, the Council can often be usefully consulted at the same time as the amenity societies.

Consultation with the CBC under Rules 3.6(6) and 3.6(8) follows the issuing of the DAC Notification of Advice. However, when it is apparent that a matter falls under these Rules the Council welcomes consultation before the Notification of Advice is issued (for the reasons set out above).

To help the Council to provide advice the parish must have made a start with preparing the Statements of Significance and Need (Rules 3.2 and 3.3). When these documents are not available (even in draft form) the Council will advise that they are prepared before giving substantive advice.

Where Conservation, alteration or disposal of an article of special historic, archaeological or artistic interest, or commissioning new works of art (including stained glass) is proposed, consultation with the CBC by the Chancellor is mandatory under Rule 8.6. The Chancellors can also refer any other case at their discretion (Rules 8.7). If there has been early consultation with the CBC it can satisfy the requirements of these Rules.

The full guidance note can be found here or at the following link: When to consult the CBC (Jan 2015)

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