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[30 Jan 2015]
Baldry comments on mitochondrial donation

I appreciate that this is an issue on which there are strong feelings on either side and also some very diverse opinions from senior members of the academic and scientific community.

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[28 Jan 2015]
MP speaks in Sustainable Development Goals debate

Sir Tony Baldry (Banbury) (Con): In 1983, shortly after being elected to this House, I went with an all-party team to Ethiopia to witness a famine of almost biblical proportions. Over the past 30 years, Parliament has moved considerably when it comes to all-party consensus on supporting the need to invest in international development. It is also fair to observe that throughout those 30 years, under Governments of different dispensations—for a time, I was Foreign Office Minister with responsibility for overseas development aid—we always had an aspiration to use 0.7% of our GDP to fund overseas development, but not until this Government has that been achieved. In both 2013 and 2014, we reached that target, and we were one of the few leading economies in the world to do so.

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[27 Jan 2015]
Oral Question (Treasury): Uncollected Tax

Sir Tony Baldry (Banbury) (Con): Am I right in thinking that under the charter for fiscal responsibility, to which everyone recently signed up, we have made it clear that part of the savings that we are going to make involves bearing down on tax avoidance? Indeed, we have set out clearly exactly where we are going to save every penny of the £30 billion that needs to be saved. How is it possible for anyone to sign up to a charter for fiscal responsibility without making it clear where they are going to make those savings?

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[26 Jan 2015]
Oral Question (Work & Pensions): All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger and Food Poverty

Sir Tony Baldry (Banbury) (Con): One of the reasons for using food banks—a reason given by those who use them—is delays in benefit payments. Am I right in thinking, however, that the average time for sorting out benefit payment disputes has been reduced to under two weeks?

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[20 Jan 2015]
Oral Question (Foreign & Commonwealth):

Sir Tony Baldry (Banbury) (Con): There is nothing fragile or unstable about Saudi Arabia, so given the public beheadings, public torture and public lashings, can my right hon. Friend confirm to the House that there are no arms sales by this country to Saudi Arabia?

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[19 Jan 2015]
Second Church Estates Commissioner speaks in Lords Spiritual (Women) Bill debate

The Second Church Estates Commissioner (Sir Tony Baldry): In my capacity as Second Church Estates Commissioner, I should like to thank the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition for the support they have personally given to this Bill. I should like also to thank the Leader of the House, the business managers and the usual channels for providing an early opportunity for the Bill to have its Second Reading and other stages undertaken, so that, if agreed by this House, it can go promptly to the House of Lords for consideration, ensuring sufficient time for it to be enacted before this Parliament is dissolved at the end of March.

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[16 Jan 2015]
Baldry speaks at South Northamptonshire Conservative Association dinner

Personally, I think the forthcoming General Election can be summarised in a single poster and a single question at the beginning of the campaign, and a single statement at the end of the campaign. The single poster at the beginning of the campaign with a poster showing two photographs side by side of David Cameron and Ed Miliband. The question is: “Whom do you most trust to be Prime Minister?”

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[12 Jan 2015]
Sir Tony intervenes during Urgent Question on Nigeria

Sir Tony Baldry (Banbury) (Con): What is happening in northern Nigeria with Boko Haram is grotesque and it is important that the House and everyone else should demonstrate that all human life is equally valid and equally sacred. My right hon. Friend made it clear that he is the Minister with responsibility for relations with the Commonwealth, and as the right hon. Member for Warley (Mr Spellar), who spoke for the Opposition, made clear, this is not just about northern Nigeria; it equally applies to the north-west frontier province in Pakistan. What is the potential for the Commonwealth as an institution to show solidarity by ensuring that Commonwealth countries act collectively to support Commonwealth members that are seeking to resist terrorism and fundamentalism?

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[8 Jan 2015]
Business of the House: Lords Spiritual (Women) Bill

Sir Tony Baldry (Banbury) (Con): May I thank the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition for the cross-party support for the Bill that will enable women who are consecrated diocesan bishops in the Church of England to be nominated for membership of the House of Lords as soon as possible? I thank the Leader of the House, the shadow Leader of the House and the usual channels for providing time for that one-clause Bill to be debated on Monday week. Will my right hon. Friend confirm that the intention is that if the Commons can cover all stages of the Bill on 19 January there will be time in the other place for the Bill to be passed and enacted during this Parliament so that we can see women bishops in the House of Lords as soon as possible?

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[7 Jan 2015]
Sir Tony asks Secretary of State question during A&E statement

Sir Tony Baldry (Banbury) (Con): It is obviously important that those who need to be treated in A and E are treated there and that those who do not go to those parts of the NHS where they can be treated best. Does my right hon. Friend agree, therefore, that the initiatives taken by clinical commissioners in Oxfordshire where, for example, they are trying to triage patients essentially at the door of A and E so that those who need to go in can do so and those who need primary care get it, will help reduce pressures on A and E and ensure that people are treated in the right part of the NHS?