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[3 Feb 2016]
What are Festival Churches?

Speaking at a meeting organised by Caroline Spelman, the Second Church Estates Commissioner, in the House of Commons on Wednesday 3rd February, Sir Tony Baldry, Chair of the Church Buildings Council, gave a briefing on Festival Churches.

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[21 Jan 2016]
Sir Tony Baldry comments on Banbury Museum Trust

I am very proud to be a Patron of the Banbury Museum Trust. We all want Banbury Museum to be, and continue to be, a first-class regional museum. We aspire to the museum having a larger exhibition space, where national exhibitions and objects from national collections can be brought to Banbury.

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[18 Jan 2016]
Baldry argues for Britain to remain in Europe

Over the coming months, we are going to hear much about the competing claims concerning the costs and benefits of our membership of the European Union. Almost all of this commentary is likely to consider our membership of the European Union as simply a “transactional” relationship – do we get more out of our membership of the European Union than we put in? There are, however, I think a number of other matters that we should consider which I should like to set out briefly in a personal reflection.

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[6 Jan 2016]
Sir Tony Baldry: “Church buildings at the centre of community action to assist flood clean up”

Church buildings have been at the centre of community action following the floods which continue this week to devastate huge swathes of our country. Often being built on higher ground they have remained dry and become centres of refuge for people evacuated from their homes.

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[16 Oct 2015]
Ensuring that church buildings are a blessing and not a burden

Every day of the year, churches across England are open for their local community, providing a place of worship and prayer and opportunity for encounter with God. Church buildings are also places for numerous services to the community, from play groups to lunch clubs for the elderly, to support and welcome for vulnerable people.

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[13 Oct 2015]
CBC Chair encourages people to respond to Church Buildings Review Report

Today sees the publication of a report which takes a wide-ranging look at the way in which the Church of England discharges its responsibilities for nearly 16,000 church buildings. It was commissioned jointly by the Archbishops’ Council and the Church Commissioners who have both given a general welcome to the report, concluding that it should be of wide interest around the Church and beyond.

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[23 Sep 2015]
Tony Baldry’s Manifesto for General Synod

I want to put all that I have learned over the years, and all that I am to the service of General Synod. I believe passionately in the Church of England being a church for the whole nation. I want to work with all those wish to see Church of England grow, to help encourage and foster the growth of congregations and in particular to bend every effort to encourage as many children, teenagers, and young adults as possible to be involved with the Church of England.

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[2 Jul 2015]
Details of the Agincourt 600 Commemorative Fund

By a grant agreement between the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Support of the DCMS and Agincourt 600 (COI 1154991) it is agreed that the Secretary of State will pay up to £1m in a grant to Agincourt 600: ‘the grant will be used to contribute to the costs of events and educational activities organised by Agincourt 600 and subsidiary organisations to mark the 600th anniversary of the battle of Agincourt across the UK and Europe. The Grant shall be used solely for these purposes and shall not be applied other than in accordance with the terms of the agreement’.

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[5 Jun 2015]
Sir Tony Baldry to become Banbury Museum Patron

Sir Tony Baldry, who retired as MP for North Oxfordshire at the General Election, has agreed to become Patron to the recently formed Banbury Museum Trust.