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[17 Oct 2014]
MP supports EU Referendum Bill

Earlier today, North Oxfordshire MP the Rt. Hon. Sir Tony Baldry voted in favour of Bob Neill MP’s Private Member’s Bill (of which Sir Tony is also a sponsor) which calls for a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.

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[17 Oct 2014]
MP comments on Recall Bill amendments

A number of constituents have got in touch with me regarding amendments to the Recall Bill which have been tabled by Zac Goldsmith MP.

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[15 Oct 2014]
Sir Tony welcomes further fall in unemployment in Banbury

North Oxfordshire MP, Rt. Hon. Sir Tony Baldry MP, has welcomed news today that the unemployment figures the the Banbury constituency have fallen once again.

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[14 Oct 2014]
Baldry comments on Palestine and Israel debate

The point I have been trying to make for some time – although I appreciate it is not a point people necessarily want to consider – is when do we reach the point when a two-state solution is no longer viable and what happens.

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[13 Oct 2014]

have taken this matter up with the Chief Executive of Cherwell District Council who tells me that the District Council “ . . . already have draft layouts from the developers which avoid the areas of concern – the ecological concerns in the case of Gavray Drive and the conservation area in the case of Bicester South East. In short, the areas of difficulty are known about and being avoided.”

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[6 Oct 2014]
Baldry welcomes Bicester Garden City suggestion

North Oxfordshire MP, Rt. Hon. Sir Tony Baldry has welcomed the Deputy Prime Minister’s suggestion at the Liberal Democrat Party Conference today that Bicester should become a Garden City.

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[3 Oct 2014]
A Vision for Britain

Even the “Guardian” was forced to acknowledge on its front page that David Cameron’s speech this week to the Conservative Party Conference was his “…sharpest, most effective speech since becoming Prime Minister”. It was a speech in which the Prime Minister made it clear that the Conservatives were going to take our plan for our country and turn it into a plan for you and for everyone.

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[2 Oct 2014]
Sir Tony welcomes independent inquiry into General Practice

North Oxfordshire MP, Rt. Hon. Sir Tony Baldry has welcomed today’s announcement by the Secretary of State for Health that there will be an independent inquiry into General Practice.

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[30 Sep 2014]
Baldry welcomes record turn out at Banbury Job Fair

Organisers of the Banbury Job Fair are celebrating a record number of attendees with an additional 100 people turning up compared to previous events.

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[26 Sep 2014]
Sir Tony comments on military action against ISIL

I listened very carefully to what both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition said on this in the House. Both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition made what I thought were extremely thoughtful speeches