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[20 Oct 2015]
Churches doubling as local community centres

SIR – Your report fails to highlight the role of churches at the heart of communities. They provide numerous services, from play groups and day care to lunch clubs for the elderly and support for the vulnerable. In some rural areas, the church may be the only public building still open.

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[9 Mar 2015]
Baldry writes to Lord Chancellor to express concerns over Banbury Grooming trial

Following the conclusion of the Banbury grooming trial at the end of last week and subsequent media reports over the weekend, North Oxfordshire MP the Rt. Hon. Sir Tony Baldry has written to the Lord Chancellor to express concerns over the trial.

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[10 Feb 2015]
Bicester MP voices concerns over proposal to rename Bicester Town station

Bicester is looking forward later this year to a new and upgraded railway station at Bicester Town as part of as I understand it the redevelopment of the railway line between Oxford and Marylebone. I understand however that there is a proposal to rebrand and rename “Bicester Town” station as “Bicester Village”. May I suggest that I don’t think that this is a sensible idea?

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[27 Jan 2015]

North Oxfordshire MP, the Rt. Hon. Sir Tony Baldry has welcomed news that a Prohibition Order has been granted for the Land in the Vicinity of Shenington.

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[1 Dec 2014]
MP raises concerns over Bicester Village traffic

Sir Tony Baldry MP has expressed concerns about the level of traffic and disruption from shoppers at Bicester Village.

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[13 Oct 2014]

have taken this matter up with the Chief Executive of Cherwell District Council who tells me that the District Council “ . . . already have draft layouts from the developers which avoid the areas of concern – the ecological concerns in the case of Gavray Drive and the conservation area in the case of Bicester South East. In short, the areas of difficulty are known about and being avoided.”

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[3 Sep 2014]

A copy of the response Sir Tony has now received from the Minister in the Foreign Office can be found at the following link: FCO Tobias Ellwood re Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories 020914.

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[14 Aug 2014]
Second Church Estates Commissioner writes to Home Secretary regarding Iraqi Christian facing deportation

It has been drawn to my attention that there are a number of Iraqi Christians who are being threatened with deportation in the near future.

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[29 Jul 2014]
Tony Baldry receives reply from Health Ministers about concerns over GP services

Following his letter to Health Ministers about the future of GP services, Sir Tony has now received a response from Lord Howe.

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[29 Jul 2014]
Sir Tony receives response from Chair of Health Committee regarding GP inquiry

North Oxfordshire MP, Sir Tony Baldry, has received a response from the new Chair of the Health Select Committee regarding the possibility of an inquiry into the viability of General Practice.