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[8 Apr 2017]
Sir Tony Baldry responds to Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group’s Transformation Programme Phase One consultation

It is disappointing that within so few years of such clear recommendations from the Independent Reconfiguration Panel that the identical services are again being threatened at the Horton. It is very difficult for people to understand the Clinical Commissioning Group’s exact proposals because the CCG has chosen to split the consultation process. By splitting the consultation process, the Trust’s proposal and the consultation has become confused. It is impossible to understand the full implications of the proposals in Phase One, without knowing what will be put forward in Phase Two.

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[23 Mar 2016]
Sir Tony Baldry one of the first recipients of the Langton Award from the Archbishop of Canterbury

Sir Tony Baldry is to receive a new Award from the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Langton Award for Community Service.

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[18 Jan 2016]
Baldry argues for Britain to remain in Europe

Over the coming months, we are going to hear much about the competing claims concerning the costs and benefits of our membership of the European Union. Almost all of this commentary is likely to consider our membership of the European Union as simply a “transactional” relationship – do we get more out of our membership of the European Union than we put in? There are, however, I think a number of other matters that we should consider which I should like to set out briefly in a personal reflection.

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[24 Oct 2015]
Sir Tony makes speech at Banbury Rotary Club dinner

I consider it a privilege to be a Rotarian and I am particularly proud to be an honorary Member of the Rotary Club of Banbury as I know too was Sir Neil Marten, my predecessor as Member of Parliament for Banbury.

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[30 Sep 2015]
Baldry makes speech to commemorate the Battle of Agincourt

The last letter that Henry V sent to Charles VI of France before he launched the Agincourt campaign was an ultimatum. “To the Most Serene Prince Charles our Cousin and adversary of France, Henry, by the Grace of God, King of England and France” and the letter went to state that Henry had done everything in his power to procure peace between the two countries. He did not lack the courage to fight to the death for justice for his just rights and inheritances that had been seized from him by violence and withheld for too long and it was his duty to recover.

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[23 Sep 2015]
Tony Baldry’s Manifesto for General Synod

I want to put all that I have learned over the years, and all that I am to the service of General Synod. I believe passionately in the Church of England being a church for the whole nation. I want to work with all those wish to see Church of England grow, to help encourage and foster the growth of congregations and in particular to bend every effort to encourage as many children, teenagers, and young adults as possible to be involved with the Church of England.

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[8 May 2015]
The Oxford Times: New MP for Banbury to take on Sir Tony Baldry legacy

A new Conservative MP has been elected in Banbury, retaining the seat for the party with a sizeable majority.

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[26 Mar 2015]
Sir Tony stands down as Member of Parliament for North Oxfordshire

As Parliament has now dissolved, Sir Tony has now ceased to be a Member of Parliament.

Sir Tony said:

“It has been an enormous privilege to serve the people of North Oxfordshire for almost a third of century. I am incredibly grateful to all those who have supported me over the years, particularly my loyal staff without whom my office would not have operated so smoothly.”

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[20 Mar 2015]
Baldry makes final Commons speech in Budget debate

I should firstly, in my capacity as Second Church Estates Commissioner, and soon to be Chair of the Church Buildings Council, like very sincerely to thank the Chancellor the £40 million announced in the Budget towards the repairs of church roofs. This is in addition to the £15 million for the Church Roof Funds made available by the Chancellor a little while ago and £20 million made available for repairs to our cathedrals.

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[27 Feb 2015]
Sir Tony addresses Oxford East Conservative Association

I am very pleased and indeed proud to be here to support Melanie Magee. I have known Melanie for many years. I know Melanie to be an excellent Town and District Councillor. As it happens, Melanie represents two different Wards on the Town and District Councils but is exemplary in her commitment to all of her electors.