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[21 Jan 2016]
Sir Tony Baldry comments on Banbury Museum Trust

I am very proud to be a Patron of the Banbury Museum Trust. We all want Banbury Museum to be, and continue to be, a first-class regional museum. We aspire to the museum having a larger exhibition space, where national exhibitions and objects from national collections can be brought to Banbury.

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[18 Jan 2016]
Baldry argues for Britain to remain in Europe

Over the coming months, we are going to hear much about the competing claims concerning the costs and benefits of our membership of the European Union. Almost all of this commentary is likely to consider our membership of the European Union as simply a “transactional” relationship – do we get more out of our membership of the European Union than we put in? There are, however, I think a number of other matters that we should consider which I should like to set out briefly in a personal reflection.

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[16 Dec 2015]
Sharing resource launched to enable churches to prepare for HM The Queen’s 90th birthday

A central news sharing resource for churches has been launched to encourage and equip communities as they organise celebrations to mark Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th official birthday in June 2016.

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[25 Nov 2015]
Chair of the Church Buildings Council contributes to debate at General Synod on the future of church buildings

I concur with everything said by Bishop John in his excellent speech and I will thus try not to repeat any of the points that have already been made. Our purpose has to be to ensure that our church buildings are blessings and not burdens.

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[24 Nov 2015]
Sir Tony attends General Synod with Oxford diocese

Sir Tony Baldry today joined other members of the Oxford Diocese to attend his first General Synod as an elected member.

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[23 Nov 2015]
Baldry encourages people to start Singing for Syrians

Rt Hon Sir Tony Baldry has given his support to “Singing for Syrians” a fundraising initiative for the most vulnerable people who remain in Syria.

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[24 Oct 2015]
Sir Tony makes speech at Banbury Rotary Club dinner

I consider it a privilege to be a Rotarian and I am particularly proud to be an honorary Member of the Rotary Club of Banbury as I know too was Sir Neil Marten, my predecessor as Member of Parliament for Banbury.

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[19 Oct 2015]

Events are taking place across the country to commemorate one of the most famous battles of English history. Communities up and down the country are marking the anniversary on a number of imaginative and engaging ways In addition to one off events the Agincourt 600 Trust is supporting exhibition, education project and events in museums and schools.

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[30 Sep 2015]
Baldry makes speech to commemorate the Battle of Agincourt

The last letter that Henry V sent to Charles VI of France before he launched the Agincourt campaign was an ultimatum. “To the Most Serene Prince Charles our Cousin and adversary of France, Henry, by the Grace of God, King of England and France” and the letter went to state that Henry had done everything in his power to procure peace between the two countries. He did not lack the courage to fight to the death for justice for his just rights and inheritances that had been seized from him by violence and withheld for too long and it was his duty to recover.

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[11 Jun 2015]
Baldry gives speech at Glass Sellers’ Hall

Master, on behalf of all your guests, I would like to thank the Company for your very generous hospitality this evening.