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Sir Tony Baldry comments on Banbury Museum Trust

21 January 2016

Comments by Sir Tony Baldry, Patron of the Banbury Museum Trust, at a dinner organised by the Trust at the Tower of London on Thursday 21st January 2016, to commemorate the Battle of Agincourt

I am very proud to be a Patron of the Banbury Museum Trust.

We all want Banbury Museum to be, and continue to be, a first-class regional museum.

We aspire to the museum having a larger exhibition space, where national exhibitions and objects from national collections can be brought to Banbury.

We want to see a greater range of temporary exhibitions.

We want Banbury Museum to be able to offer outstanding life-long learning opportunities, and inter-active exhibition experiences for younger children, but also to be a source of local history, knowledge and exhibitions.

We need to strengthen the support for the museum within Banburyshire and further afield.

I hope in the coming years there will be a wide-ranging programme of exhibitions, including exhibitions on History, Archaeology, Arts, Crafts, Science, Natural History, and popular culture.

And, in particular, I hope the museum will be able to have strong schools-friendly exhibitions.

We are now launching our plans to develop our museum for the benefit of generations to come.

We want to build our supporters base to assist with our development and the Trustees are also working hard to ensure the museum has sustainable revenue.

Rt. Hon. Sir Tony Baldry