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The anniversary of Agincourt approaches

19 October 2015

Events are taking place across the country to commemorate one of the most famous battles of English history. Communities up and down the country are marking the anniversary on a number of imaginative and engaging ways In addition to one off events the Agincourt 600 Trust is supporting exhibition, education project and events in museums and schools.

Many of the events that are taking place have been funded by the Agincourt 600 Trustees.

“We are delighted to be able to ensure that the history and cultural significance of the Battle of Agincourt is being remembered and commemorated. That so many groups and communities across the UK are willing and enthusiastic to take part is evidence of how a fascination of English history remains and is cultural legacy continues to provide interest today.” Professor Anne Curry and Sinclair Rogers, Agincourt 600 Trustees.

Providing a significant legacy for the 600 anniversary are: the Agincourt Groves being planted by the Woodland Trust; the development of teaching resources and training of specialist teachers by the Historical Association; a poetry competition for young people by the Poetry Society; and an exhibition at The Royal Armouries at the Tower of London and a permanent display in Leeds.

“The Royal Armouries is delighted that Agincourt 600 is supporting our commemoration of this landmark battle. The generous funding is helping us to deliver a major exhibition at the Tower of London which will offer a vast audience an introduction and numerous telling and moving insights into the story of Agincourt. The centrepiece of this exhibition, a beautifully detailed scale model of the battlefield, will have a long lasting legacy as part of a permanent exhibition at the Royal Armouries museum in Leeds, also supported by Agincourt 600 which will continue to excite and engage visitors for a long time to come.” Dr Edward Impey, Director General and Master of the Royal Armouries.

Commemorative events will be taking place on and near the battlefield in Azincourt, France on the weekend of 24th and 25th October, organised by the French authorities.

The national event in the UK will be on the 29th at Westminster Abbey.

For further information about projects and events go to www.agincourt600.com follow us on @agin600 or contact us on info@agincourt600.com or paula@agincourt600.com