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Tony Baldry to become a Patron of Katharine House Hospice

27 March 2015

Sir Tony Baldry who is standing down from Parliament is to become a Patron of Katharine House Hospice. Shortly after the Katharine House Hospice was opened, Tony Baldry helped set up in Parliament with the late Labour MP, Jack Ashley, the first All Party Hospice Support Group.

Sir Tony said:

“I am really pleased that one of the new tasks I am going to be able to take on on stepping down from the House of Commons is to become a Patron of Katharine House. I know from all my years as the local MP and from friends who have had treatment at Katharine House, friends who have died at Katharine House, what a fantastic resource Katharine House is for the local community.

“I am also glad that over the years I and other have been able to get more sustainable NHS funding for hospices such as Katharine House and I was particularly pleased that last year the Chancellor of the Exchequer removed VAT burdens on hospices, such as Katharine House, to put them in an identical position to NHS hospitals.

“One always has to remember that Katharine House is voluntarily supported and voluntarily funded and so I look forward to doing my bit to help make sure that Katharine House has the funds that it needs to continue to carry out outstanding work.”