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Bicester MP voices concerns over proposal to rename Bicester Town station

10 February 2015

Mr. Rob Brighouse
Managing Director
Chiltern Railways

10 February 2015

Bicester Town Railway Station

Bicester is looking forward later this year to a new and upgraded railway station at Bicester Town as part of as I understand it the redevelopment of the railway line between Oxford and Marylebone.

I understand however that there is a proposal to rebrand and rename “Bicester Town” station as

“Bicester Village”

May I suggest that I don’t think that this is a sensible idea?

Indeed, can I suggest that before Chiltern Railways think about renaming “Bicester Town” railway station that you consult with local stakeholders such as Bicester Town Council, Cherwell District Council and others?

Bicester is not a village; Bicester is a town.

Bicester has always been a town.

The title of Bicester’s history book is:

“Bicester woz a little town”

Bicester is now a growing town and as indeed you will know, the Government have earmarked £100m of money for new infrastructure and amenities to enable Bicester to become Bicester Garden Town.

It would thus seem very strange for one of the main stations in a new Garden Town to be named “Bicester Village”.

Travellers for the Bicester Village retail outlet have up to now had no difficulty in working out that they can travel from Marylebone to Bicester North for Bicester Village and I see there would be no difficulty explaining to shoppers in the future that the easiest way for them to travel by rail to Bicester Village is via Bicester Town.

I think you will find that if you were to unilaterally and without consultation announce that henceforth “Bicester Town” railway station will be called “Bicester Village” there will be a substantial row in the town.

Having represented Bicester for nearly a third of a century, my guess is that in terms of identity Bicester as a whole would like to be identified as “Bicester Town” and that the town as a whole would not wish to be identified as “Bicester Village”.

Yours sincerely,

Rt. Hon. Sir Tony Baldry MP