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Baldry receives District Council response regarding future building on Gavray Drive

13 October 2014

I know that there are a number of people in Bicester concerned about the future building on Gavray Drive.

I have taken this matter up with the Chief Executive of Cherwell District Council who tells me that the District Council “ . . . already have draft layouts from the developers which avoid the areas of concern – the ecological concerns in the case of Gavray Drive and the conservation area in the case of Bicester South East. In short, the areas of difficulty are known about and being avoided.”

I think there may well have been a bit of misreading of what the maps mean and how they should be read alongside the side policies for these two areas but I think what the Chief Executive of the District Council is saying is that the land at Gavray Drive, which people do not wish to see built on, will not be built on.