[13 Aug 2014]
Sir Tony welcomes news that Banbury’s unemployment rate is now below 1%

North Oxfordshire MP, Rt. Hon. Sir Tony Baldry has welcomed news that the unemployment rate in his constituency has fallen to 0.9%.

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[8 Aug 2014]
Oxford Mail: Brothers at arms in an MP’s family tree

To mark the conflict’s centenary, the Oxford Mail enlisted the help of the Oxfordshire Family History Society to research the part Banbury MP Sir Tony Baldry’s family played in the conflict.

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[8 Aug 2014]
Baldry comments on tax plans

All the evidence of history, including in particular the evidence of the last Labour Government, is that Labour Governments always significantly increase public spending and as a consequence significantly increase both borrowing and taxes.

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[5 Aug 2014]
MP comments further on situation in Gaza

It seems to me that a number of further actions need to be taken by the international community

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[29 Jul 2014]
Tony Baldry receives reply from Health Ministers about concerns over GP services

Following his letter to Health Ministers about the future of GP services, Sir Tony has now received a response from Lord Howe.

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[22 Jul 2014]
Baldry responds to concerns raised about Gaza

It is difficult for any of us to properly describe the nightmare that is now Gaza.